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8-week beginners yoga course with MEENAL

Beginners yoga course starting in September! Perfect for anyone new to yoga, for those who have some experience but want to deepen their understanding of yoga, or for anyone looking for a gentle-paced class. The group will be small, so you will receive lots of personal attention and work at your own pace. We will learn how to do some of the main yoga poses step by step, as well as some simple breathing and relaxation techniques to help you in your yoga practise and every day life.

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This 8-week beginners yoga course is the ideal way to begin your practise. It is also designed for anyone looking to deepen and further their knowledge and understanding of yoga. Week by week, you will learn a full and well-balanced yoga sequence that will introduce you to all the major postures and movements encountered in a yoga class. This will allow you to build confidence and proficiency in yoga postures, proper alignment, and breathing techniques that ultimately lead to the ability to rest, relax, and focus. We will learn:

  • an overview of yoga – philosophy, history, types of yoga
  • how to warm up the body and release tension from the joints
  • some key postures from each of the main āsana groups including standing poses, forward & back bends, twists, and simple inversions, focusing on alignment and benefits
  • a sun salutation (sūrya namaskāra) sequence to strengthen and stretch the whole body
  • basic breath control methods (prāṇāyāma) and their benefits
  • meditation and relaxation techniques

In this course, the classes are kept small so you that will receive lots of personal attention. We will work at a pace that ensures you will develop a firm understanding of all aspects of the practice. This creates a strong and safe foundation from which to confidently try different styles of yoga in any open-level class.

This course is perfect for those who have never done yoga before or find the idea of going to a regular yoga class a bit scary, or perhaps you have a specific injury or health condition which may prevent you from joining regular classes, and for anyone wanting an understanding of the fundamental and underlying principles of yoga, or for those who might prefer a more gentle paced class.