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Yin Yoga (needless acupunture)

Teacher: Klára Burgess

*open class / course

Yin Yoga helps distribution of chi into the cells and organs of the body. It significantly contributes to the flexibility of joints, strengthens the immune system, releases excess tension and brings a feeling of ease and lightness in the body. It effects organ health in the same way as acupuncture by applying constant pressure alongside the meridians. To achieve this, poses are held for at least 3 minutes. We learn to be fully engaged in feeling our bodies and mental states as well as to observe how we are responding to our moment –to-moment experience as it unfolds. It is therefore an in-depth training in participatory observation and enhancement of the body, heart, and mind.


Hatha Flow

Teacher: Meenal Padhiar

*open class 

In this Hatha Flow class, Meenal teaches a balanced practise incorporating asanas  that warm up, strengthen, stretch and rejuvenate the entire body, including sun salutations, standing and balance poses, forward bends and back bends, twists and hip openers; breath work (pranayama) for vital energy and guided meditation are also included. The dynamism and flow of the class is balanced with focus on breath and open-heartedness, bringing a sense of meditation to the whole practise.

Class is taught in English and is aimed at all levels, beginners are welcome.

Drop in price: 200czk

10 classes: 1800czk

Beginners yoga course

Teacher: Meenal Padhiar

8-week course

Beginners yoga course starting in September 2018! Perfect for anyone new to yoga and if you find going to a yoga class a bit scary, and for those who have some experience but want to deepen their understanding of yoga. The group will be small, so you will receive lots of personal attention and work at your own pace. We will learn how to do some of the main yoga poses step by step, as well as some simple breathing and relaxation techniques to help you in your yoga practise and every day life.

Class is taught in English and is aimed at beginners

8 week course: 1200czk (150czk per class)

Drop in price: 180czk (if there is space)

Dru Yoga

Teacher: Pauline Delcroix

Dru Yoga helps ease back pain, increase energy levels, and wash away stress. It is designed to be practised by people of all abilities, fitness levels and age groups. Dru includes postures, breath work, and hand gestures combined into dynamic and flowing sequences. The class is perfect to relax and unwind after work and to give your body and mind the gentle workout they deserve.
The class is open to all abilities and is taught in English.

Drop in price: 200czk

10 classes: 1800czk


Gyrokinesis Method

Teacher: Nolwenn Treguer,

Yoga for back pain - Gyrokinesis® method

Do you sit many hours a day in front of the computer? Do you have tension or pain in your back or neck? Do you feel that you would need to sit or stand more straight? Then come and try Gyrokinesis® method!

Would you like to exercise but yoga seems too demanding? Perhaps sitting on the floor or training on a yoga mat isn't for you? Then Gyrokinesis® will work for you (also if you like yoga :) ) since Gyrokinesis classes are done essentially sitting on a stool!

Do you like dance? Then you will like Gyrokinesis that feels like a "sitting dance"  with rhythmic and flowing movements sequences. 

Gyrokinesis®  (meaning "rotation-movement") is a method of wave-like movements with coordinated breathing that addresses mainly the spine and core muscles, but in fact also all joints, it stimulates the nervous system, the lymph circulation. It opens the body energy pathways (meridians, chakras) and improves mental focus. And it's fun!

With minimal effort, we harmonise, stretch and strengthen the whole body. 

  • What to wear? Comfortable clothes and socks (or barefoot)

Course price: 18th Sept.-18th Dec.2018 / 14 lessons (á 150 Kč) = 2100 Kč
Drop in price: 180,-Kč

Hatha Yoga 

Teacher: Lída Rejzková

*course / open class

Hatha Yoga focuses on a thorough stretching of the whole body. The exercises stress the connection between breath and movement. We will always calm down at the beginning of each individual lesson using breathing exercises, then warm up during a dynamic series of Sun Salutation, and we will progressively learn individual positions – asanas, in which we will concentrate on detailed work of the whole body and we will also practice upside-down poses. At the end a final relaxation will intensify the effects of the exercises and energize and balance the body. The lesson is suitable for everyone – younger and older people, men and women. Take a moment for yourselves and come to exercise and relax.

Movement Meditation

Teacher: Klára Burgess

Movement mediation is a unique blend of movement meditation, dance improvisation and yoga. Using the structure of yoga asanas, calming the mind and allowing the body to lead you where you need to go, you will explore your own way of moving. The asanas are transient pointers alongside your journey rather than a goal that needs to be achieved. Being present and flowing from one movement to the next sensing the moving body from within with a non-judgmental and playful attitude is the only goal. Come to relax, dance and play :-)