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Gyrokinesis Method with Nolwenn

Do you sit many hours a day in front of the computer? Do you have tension or pain in your back or neck? Do you feel that you would need to sit or stand more straight? Then come and try Gyrokinesis® method!

Would you like to exercise but yoga seems too demanding? Perhaps sitting on the floor or training on a yoga mat isn't for you? Then Gyrokinesis® will work for you (also if you like yoga :) ) since Gyrokinesis classes are done essentially sitting on a stool!

Do you like dance? Then you will like Gyrokinesis that feels like a "sitting dance"  with rhythmic and flowing movements sequences.

TIME: Thuesdays 7:30-8:30 pm, from 18th September to 18th December 2018.

PRICE: The 14 week course is 2100 CZK. (150 per lesson).  Drop in (one lesson) is 180 CZK.

For registration contact directly Nolwenn via email address:

Yoga for back pain - Gyrokinesis® method

Gyrokinesis®  (meaning "rotation-movement") is a method of wave-like movements with coordinated breathing that addresses mainly the spine and core muscles, but in fact also all joints, it stimulates the nervous system, the lymph circulation. It opens the body energy pathways (meridians, chakras) and improves mental focus. And it's fun!

With minimal effort, we harmonise, stretch and strengthen the whole body. 

  • What to wear? Comfortable clothes and socks (or barefoot)