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Klára Burgess

Klára holds master degrees in Dance Anthropology as well as in Dance Choreography from Roehampton University, London, where her interest in body mind awarness lead her to yoga.

While studying modern dance in New York in 2009 she fell in love with Yin Yoga and has been practicing it ever since. She continued to study Yin Yoga and meditation at Insight Yoga Institute with Sarah Powers, the world-renowned yoga instructor. What she loves most about yoga is its holistic approach to a human being.

Klára has been teaching modern dance to children and adults in the Czech Republic as well as abroad since 1999. Prior to opening Zen Garden studio she participated in independent dance projects at home as well as in the USA.

Klára loves working with children, she teaches Yoga for Children and Modern Dance for Children in Zen Garden, applying what she had learned while studying abroad. She guides children to find their own authentic movement and to enjoy expressing themselves creatively in dance while emphasizing the correct and healthy use of the body.

Meenal Padhiar

Meenal was born in India, and grew up in London with a passion for the wellness and meditational traditions of India, particularly yoga. She has been a yoga practitioner since 2004 when she was introduced to the Sivananda yoga tradition, and has since studied and practised numerous yoga styles over the years, including Ashtanga vinyasa, Iyengar, and Jivanmukti yoga. Her commitment to learning and teaching yoga led her to leave her job as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry and pursue a teacher’s training course in India. She has been teaching yoga since 2011 and her approach draws from the various yoga traditions she has learnt, offering a dynamic and meditative practice with emphasis on postural alignment, breath and heart-centeredness. She is also a certified Ayurveda practitioner, Reiki practitioner and Reflexology therapist. Her passion for health and wellness is complemented by her on-going study of Indian philosophical and meditational traditions, including Advaita and Buddhism.

Enjoy Meenal's Hatha Hatha Flow classes in English.

Meenal also offers private classes in Zen Garden.

Lída Rejzková

Lída first encountered yoga as a child when she practiced with her parents. However, she became more deeply interested in it only as an adult after an injury of the spine. At first, yoga was a form of therapy for her. Later it became a way of life and when she began to feel she wanted to share her experience, she began to teach. She mainly practices Iyengar’s Hatha Yoga but also the dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. She has visited India several times where she studied yoga and completed Iyengar and Sivananda Yoga Teacher training programs. Her lessons focus mainly on relaxation, breath observation, detailed work of the body in individual positions and exercising upside-down yoga poses. Yoga means joy, open horizon and never-ending inner enrichment to Lída.

Enjoy Lída's Hatha Yoga in Zen Garden.

Nolwenn Treguer

Nolwenn Treguer, French living in the Czech Republic since many years, is a passionate dancer of Argentine tango. She started practicing Gyrokinesis to deepen her own dancing and her tango teaching. "With its circular and twisting motions, Gyrokinesis is a perfect tool for Argentine tango that is based on spine spirals. What I also like about Gyrokinesis is that it looks like a dance with its fluid and organic movements. And the exercises are fun!"
Nolwenn realised that the Gyrokinesis method naturally straightened her students' body posture, and often helped them with back or neck pains. In addition Gyrokinesis practice leads to a good physical and energetic condition for everyday life. "After an hour of Gyrokinesis class I feel light, strong and energised". Nolwenn followed the course to become a Gyrokinesis instructor in Germany, and now her aim is to spread the method in Prague. "Everyone who sits too many hours a day would benefit from Gyrokinesis. Our body is not made to stay sit all day long in the same position. The Gyrokinesis exercises are done mostly on a chair, with no big space needed, so one can easily practice directly in the office! Even few minutes are worth it."

Maria Wills

In many ways, life is a journey of self-discovery, growth and expansion. We live in a world of diversity where different situations and experiences create opportunities for inner reflection and personal development. It is possible that at times we may see these circumstances as obstacles and may feel stuck or unclear on which direction to take. When people are offered the assistance and the appropriate guidance to find new ways to be able to understand and view these challenging situations from a new perspective, they can totally change and transform their lives for the better.

Maria’s purpose is to support people on their journey of self-healing and personal development, by connecting to their inner-selves to access their strengths and highest potential. By exploring these aspects, you can learn how to turn an obstacle into an opportunity for balance and growth and create a path for wellbeing to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

As a Certified NLP Life Coach, Meditations Facilitator and Holistic Energy Healing Practitioner & Teacher, Maria will use the most appropriate tools and techniques that best suits your needs based on the aspect or the situation where you are looking to make a positive change.

Her Guided Meditations assist and encourage the person to embrace their uniqueness and learn to listen more to their own inner guidance. Her individual private sessions are for coaching, holistic healing and intuitive angel readings. The sessions are provided in a relaxed, fun and safe environment with freedom provided to reach objectives and achieve your goal.

Enjoy Maria's upcoming meditation workshop.

Pauline Delcroix

Pauline Delcroix is a French scientist living in Prague for a few years. She met yoga many years ago through her Aunt but really deepened her practice when she started Dru Yoga in Prague. 

She found out then that helping people through science wasn't enough and that she wanted to share her experience and knowledge of yoga with others, so she started the Dru yoga teacher training in order to do so. 
Sharing and teaching meditation, relaxation and yoga postures accessible for everyone is something that she genuinely loves and enjoys to do.
Enjoy Pauline's Dru Yoga in Zen Garden.