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Aroma Yin Yoga (needleless acupuncture)

Teacher: Klára Burgess

*open class / course    Monday 6 - 7,15pm

Yin Yoga helps distribution of chi into the cells and organs of the body. It significantly contributes to the flexibility of joints, strengthens the immune system, releases excess tension and brings a feeling of ease and lightness in the body. It effects organ health in the same way as acupuncture by applying constant pressure alongside the meridians. To achieve this, poses are held for at least 3 minutes. We learn to be fully engaged in feeling our bodies and mental states as well as to observe how we are responding to our moment –to-moment experience as it unfolds. It is therefore an in-depth training in participatory observation and enhancement of the body, heart, and mind.

Price:  open class 250 czk / course  (10 classes)  2200 czk

Hatha Yoga 

Teacher: Bára Michková

* open class  / course

  Tuesday  7,15 - 8,15 pm

The lesson is based on the principles of healthy exercise and Yoga Therapy. Through gentle asana practice, we return to the principles of healthy movement and developmental kinesiology. In our daily life, we often forget about a healthy posture, and this can start our health problems, musculoskeletal pain. The calm pace of the lesson is suitable for both beginners and advanced, because we discuss asanas from the ground up. Hatha yoga tones our muscles, cleanses the body and helps us cope with stress. We remain in the positions for more breaths so that we can enjoy their benefits. Calm non-dynamic yoga practice that strikes a balance in us. We remain in asanas for more breaths so that we can enjoy their benefits.

The class begins with relaxing and calming the mind. Throughout the class, we emphasize breathing and correct asana practice. From preparatory exercises we move freely into asana practice and gentle muscle strengthening. In the end, scented relaxation awaits us.

  • Calm pace and longer endurance in positions
  • suitable for beginners and advanced
  • The class begins with calming and ends with aromatherapy relaxation    

class dates: 4. 1. - 29. 3. 2022 (every Tuesday 7:15 pm)

price: open class 200 CZK / prepaid pass 1 800 CZK (10 classes)