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Balancing the Third Eye Chakra and connecting to your intuition – Guided Meditation

Date: Monday, 16.7.2018

Time: 6 - 7.15 pm

Facilitator: Maria Wills

Price: 200 CZK (on the spot)

For registration go to our reservation service or let us know via MICHALAPRECKOVA@GMAIL.COM


The Third Eye chakra, also called the brow chakra, is located at the center of the forehead and its energetic color is indigo blue. As the location indicates, this energetic center is associated to our intuition, insight, awareness, inner vision and clarity. When this center is opened and balanced we can easily work with our intuition and trust the guidance that is being offered through it. We can see things with better clarity, accessing our inner source of wisdom for better choices and clear decision making. Persisting thoughts or emotions such as self- doubt, confusion, judgement and fear of the unknown can block the third eye, restricting the flow of energy and the communication to your inner guidance. This guided meditation will bring awareness on the third eye chakra offering the opportunity to reflect on your thoughts and perception, to let go of the resistance and receive inspiration to bring your ideas and plans into practice. In this meditation we will bring all the chakras into an alignment with the focus to enable you to connect to your intuition and receive clear guidance from your Higher Mind.