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Slow Down to Beat the Christmas Rush

Holidays are often a crazy time spent at a hectic pace attempting to get everything together in time. Mixed with family, presents, travel, food and alcohol (often a little too much of the last two) we can lose touch with ourselves and the moment that is.

In this workshop we will learn how to utilise intention and awareness combined with Asana and Pranayama techniques to help you slow things back down, be present right here and now while moving mindfully and gracefully through this Holiday period.

Date: 9.12. (10-12)

Price: 350 CZK 

Teacher: Brendan Tucker

Brendan is an Australian Yoga Teacher who specialises in Yoga as a whole system. Integrating his experience in Holistic Coaching with the practices of Yoga, his classes will transform your entire being by working on and through the various systems, integrating them as a whole. His classes are focused and precise, taking each moment to move deeper into, as well as through, the Asanas, Pranayama and Meditations that he teachers based on direct experience.