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Nolwenn Olexa

Nolwenn Treguer, French living in the Czech Republic since many years, is a passionate dancer of Argentine tango. She started practicing Gyrokinesis to deepen her own dancing and her tango teaching. "With its circular and twisting motions, Gyrokinesis is a perfect tool for Argentine tango that is based on spine spirals. What I also like about Gyrokinesis is that it looks like a dance with its fluid and organic movements. And the exercises are fun!" Nolwenn realised that the Gyrokinesis method naturally straightened her students' body posture, and often helped them with back or neck pains.  In addition Gyrokinesis practice leads to a good physical and energetic condition for everyday life. "After an hour of Gyrokinesis class I feel light, strong and energised".

Nolwenn followed the course to become a Gyrokinesis instructor in Germany. Now her aim is to spread the method in Prague. "Everyone who sits too many hours a day would benefit from Gyrokinesis. Our body is not made to stay sit all day long in the same position. The Gyrokinesis exercises are done mostly on a chair, with no big space needed, so one can easily practice directly in the office! Even few minutes are worth it."