masáže / manuální lymfodrenáž
tanec a jóga pro děti

Date: 17. 3. 2018 (11 - 2 pm)

Price: 550 Kč

Teacher: Maria Wills


Have you been asking yourself questions like ‘Who am I’ or ‘What is my purpose’? If you know what your purpose is, are you living your life in alignment with it?

There may be times in life when we feel our path is clear and know which way to go and times when we may feel uncertain. Both are great opportunities for us to re-connect to our inner selves and to listen to our inner guidance that is pointing us into the direction of finding our answers.

When you start to look for the answers within and learn how to listen to your intuitive guidance system, you start to develop a deeper sense of awareness and understanding of your body, mind and soul connection.

This workshop will help you to connect to that source of wisdom, to identify what your passion is and how to start living your purpose. This will support you to let go of any resistance you may have as you become more aware of what is blocking you from taking the steps to moving forward.

In this workshop, you will learn how to let go of limiting beliefs to open new doors of opportunities into your life. As you allow your inner guidance to communicate with you regularly, you connect to that guidance within that is always available for you to bring yourself into an alignment with your heart’s true calling.