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Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop

Date: Saturday 19.5.2018

Time: 10 am - 1 pm

Teacher: Meenal Padhiar

Price: 490 CZK

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The workshop will begin with an energising yoga practise suitable for all levels, to wake up our body, clear our energy and relax the mind. The second half of the workshop will be an interactive lecture on Āyurveda - the ancient Indian medical and wellness tradition. The teachings of Āyurveda - which means “knowledge for longevity” in Sanskrit - aim to establish harmony between the body, mind and the natural rhythms of life, and maintaining this balance prevents illness, treats acute conditions, and contributes to a long and healthy life. This workshop will provide an overview of the basic principles of Āyurveda and will allow you to identify your own body constitution, which is a unique combination of the five elements. We will review how wellness and vitality relates to one’s constitution, and explore daily, seasonal, dietary, and lifestyle practises to promote and maintain balance.